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Since November 2013, I decided to make the Tobacco Culture my way of life. The passion for making my own cigars led me to create Don Rosario Cigars. After formally certifying myself as an artisan, I began to make handmade cigars for sale; to promote them in the networks and personally in different public and private activities. Thanks to the support received for my work, I was invited by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to establish and promote my products from my stand in Paseo La Princesa.


Provide handcrafted cigars made from premium tobacco leaves grown in Puerto Rico, to connoisseurs, aficionados, and occasional users. To preserve and enhance our local tobacco industry’s history, culture, and to educate the general public.


Rediscover and preserve the culture and traditions associated with tobacco cultivation and production. Contribute to the development of the tobacco industry. Rescue tobacco traditions. Recover and revitalize tobacco cultivation and craftsmanship. Support the art of cigar rolling. Publish educational material related to tobacco cultivation and elaboration.


We are affiliated with the Artisan Registry of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. Our entire work group has been certified as an artisan under the Artisan Development Program of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company.

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