Arnaldo J. Calzada Paler

Born in canovanas, Puerto Rico and resident at Rio Grande, Arnaldo is an electrical engineer with over 24 years of experience, and partner in a private consulting and design firm.

More than 25 years ago he had his first cigar experience with a group of close friends. Captured by the cigar boom of the 90's, that first cigar ignited his passion. His natural curiosity and knowledge, made him research, read, and taste any cigar material he could put his hands on.

Years went by, and on March 2015, he stopped by an exhibition booth of Don Rosario Cigars. He became a client; and enthusiast for the product for over a year and for Don Rosario's proposal to grow tobacco from Puerto Rican seeds. Soon, the client became a friend, and as the relationship grew, he decided to become Guillermo's apprentice.

Following the footsteps of his beloved teacher Rafael Ramos (RIP), Guillermo taught him the art of cigar rolling, the culture and mysticism behind the tobacco leaf.

In September 2017, Arnaldo was certified as a cigar roller by the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO). From then on, he started developing his own line of cigars.

Now he joins Don Rosario Cigars Eleganza project; three dudes rolling, and manufacturing handmade cigars, hosting private events; following the same core values, ethics, and craftsmanship that Don Rosario Cigars promotes.