Fairs & Festivals

We have participated at various craft fairs in different parts of Puerto Rico; such as the Craft Fairs held every year by the Industrial Development Company as a summit event at the Convention Center of Puerto Rico.

We participate and promote our cigars at different festivals in Puerto Rico. Such as:

  • Festival of Hispanidad in the Paseo La Princesa;
  • Festival of the Word in the Paseo La Princesa;
  • The Campechada in Old San Juan;
  • Al Fresco, music and culinary fest in Caguas.
  • Fiestas of San Sebastián Street.
  • Festival of Rums of Puerto Rico in the Paseo la Princesa.
  • Food Truck Fest on the Paseo La Princesa.
  • Music for Puerto Rico Fest on the Paseo de La Princesa in Old San Juan.

Promoting traditions

For several years we have been granted the privilege of participating in the celebration of the traditional Day of Kings in the Parish Epiphany, in Carolina, characterizing one of the Magi.