Jesús “Nolin” Ramos

Born on Christmas day, 1962, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, currently a resident of Trujillo Alto. The youngest of five siblings; and an automotive technician for the past 29 years.

After the premature death of his brother and Master cigar roller, Rafael Ramos Carmona. Jesús became interested in preserving his brother's artistic legacy. As he became involved in organizing his brother's workshop, gathering unfinished cigars; sorting through the wooden molds; handling the tobacco leaves that were still on the table, a sudden aha! moment came upon him. The need to learn his brother's craft took hold. He became Don Rosario's apprentice; who had learned the trade from his late brother.

In September 2017, Nolin was certified as a cigar roller by the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO).

Master Ramos must be looking and laughing from heaven in astonishment!

Now he joined the Don Rosario Cigars stylish project; three dudes, rolling and manufacturing handmade cigars, hosting private events, following the same core values, ethics, and craftsmanship that Don Rosario Cigars promotes.